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B is for Bauble

Posted by on November 12, 2012

Five Dutch WindmillsChristmas would not be complete without its ornaments, whether to decorate just the tree or the rest of the house, outside and inside. For Christmas there are really no limits and it’s down to personal choice and taste. Although many people will go for the traditional baubles, these days you can find all kinds of ornaments to decorate your tree – from wooden figures, to sweets to well, pretty much anything goes. Some people will go for colour coordinated trees, whilst some will go for as much colour as possible.

I strongly remember from my childhood that our next door neighbours had two Christmas trees. One was the official tree which was decorated in transparent glass baubles and white lights. The other was the children’s tree which was a mismatch of colourful baubles, coloured lights, candy canes and chocolate figurines.

At home, we tried to keep the baubles in a colour scheme of red and silver. The exception were some baubles we inherited from the family. Those were colourful ones and were ‘allowed’ in the tree.

The designs on the baubles vary, but most have some sort of winter scene or christmas scene on them. You can get religious once with angels and nativity scenes. But you can also go for more generic images of snowflakes and villages in the snow.

Some people make their own decorated baubles. This is quite easy by buying plain coloured baubles and using permanent markers for decoration. A great idea to do with children!

The bauble itself is a relative new idea brought to Christmas, from around the mid 1800’s. Before that decorations where apples, popcorn strings and real candles. No wonder you had lots of house fires in those days!

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