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Choosing a digital camera

Posted by on October 17, 2012

Having been out and about for a lot the last couple of months, I have found that my current camera is in urgent need for an update. Although it is not bad as it is, there are some little problems with it that could be solved with a more up to date camera.

What do I have at the moment?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3
This is a great little compact camera that fits easily in my coat pocket. Used for day to day photography as I always carry this one with me. This little one is not made anymore, but there is a up to date replacement available in the form of Panasonic Lumix TZ8.


* small and light
* great images – 8 mpx
* does both photo and video

* limited digital zoom
* no wide angle
* video output poor for fast moving events

Kyocera M410R

Kyocera M410R

Bit more of a robust camera that I received as a hand me down. Came with a large set of filters and a wide angle fish eye lens. Used for trips out, specific photo shoots and planned events. Unfortunately these cameras are no longer in production so there is on direct brand replacement for it. Kyocera no longer makes cameras, but continues with limited support.

* small and light – although not so small that if fits in a handbag, but easy enough to carry around
* standard AA rechargeable batteries
* full set of light filters

* only 4 mpx
* batteries run out fast by heavy use – due to being AA can’t swap with other camera
* several dead pixels – shows the age of the camera 🙂
* poor quality of images
* no video
* small viewing screen

Although I am not replacing my small Lumix yet, the bigger Kyocera is definitely in need for a replacement.

What am I looking for in a new camera?

The main use for the camera will be to get great images whilst I am out and about on trips. So I don’t mind a slightly larger camera that needs a small bag to go with it. I have a small rug sack that can fit a camera as well as my stuff for going out (snacks, tissues, sunglasses, wallet etc)

My main criteria for my new camera are:
* relatively light
* mpx > 10
* lithium recharge battery – preferable swappable with my other camera
* fast memory card / fast writing to card
* decent size viewing screen – around credit card size ideal
* nice to have: wide angle option, video option, choice of extra lenses or filters

My budget: max £750

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