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Christmas cards – a great opportunity for creative photography

Posted by on November 15, 2009
Christmas lights on a cold winters night with a glass of wine

Christmas lights on a cold winters night with a glass of wine

Over the years I have had problems finding the right Christmas cards to send to my family and friends. The cards in the shops often didn’t have the right message on it, the room to write a personal message or didn’t have an appropriate image on it.

That got me thinking last Christmas; so I have been on the lookout for photographic moments and images that would help me in creating personal Christmas cards this year. Thanks to improvements in digital photography and the low costs of printing your own image on a card, it’s possible to have a personal and individual Christmas card for each family member and friend.

In some countries one of the main features of Christmas is the Nativity scene. I have seen many different Nativity scenes over the years, from life size groups to the smallest of ceramic sculptures. Last year I had the opportunity to visit the Christmas Nativity scene in my home town in the Netherlands. Local church members have helped in making life size statues of people and animals for their Nativity display. Everything is hand made with lots of effort and pride. Every year the local roofer builds the stable complete with a thatched roof. I found this scenery so beautiful that I had to take pictures of it.

On a visit to a family member I came across a small Nativity scene of Peruvian statues. The little Nativity figurines are formed into the finest detail, but still have the essential Peruvian look about them. I was engrossed for several hours in getting the composition of the Nativity figurines into an enlightening Nativity scene. Playing around with these little statues made me think of my childhood, when I played with dolls 🙂

Nativity figurines from Peru in a Christmas grouping

Nativity figurines from Peru in a Christmas grouping

My sister always gets the treat of me trying to find a funny card. Last year, when visiting her, we had chocolate Santa Claus for desert, in fact a lot of them! This gave an opportunity to take some photographs of the Minature chocolate Santa Claus. Yes, I know you are not allowed to play with your food – but we had a lot of fun trying to create the pictures. After it of course we had the satisfaction of eating the chocolate! This year I will send my sister a card based upon our inspirational session with these special chocolate Santas.

I still have quite some days left to find the right cards for the rest of the family and then to personalise them. Thanks to some legwork over the last year I have enough images and ideas to send to each family member and friend their own, personalised and special card.

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