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E is for Elves and Excitement

Posted by on November 16, 2012

In modern children’s Christmas stories Santa Claus is relying on his little helpers to get ready for Christmas day. His helpers are elves, wearing green outfits and little pointy hats. They all live on the North Pole and help Santa with his presents. Whenever you go to a Santa’s Grotto during the weeks up to Christmas you will often be greeted by tall humans dressed up as elves.

Outside Christmas most people will know elves from Tolkien’s books, the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I love the books and want to see how they have made it into a film. I can’t wait for this years’ release of the first part of The Hobbit.

Tolkien Blu Ray Set

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Blu Ray Set


The imagination of children is unbounded and some of the descriptive passages from Tolkien really wonder if you read what you just did. For instance the book isn’t just written in English, you have Elvish, Dwarfish and several other languages and alphabets. When you can’t put down a good book, you know the sense of excitement you get when you next get time to read it.

The days before present giving, children will imagine everything. Even if they have only given a small wish list, they always hope for more and something unexpected. This does not include a new winter sweater or socks 🙂 But many children will hope for a pet or the latest new toy. Children seem to have an abundance of energy from the early evening on Christmas Eve until it is time to open their presents. Sleep does not seem to be important anymore, even if they can’t keep their eyes open.

The excitement when they see the wrapped gifts together with the moment they open their first present is something worth putting on record. Photos are great for this, but as most cameras can take video, I would opt for that. There is something about the joy and screams that a photo cannot portray. In some cases the moment reveals sheer disappointment that they did not get what they wanted, some children are better at handling this than others.

All good image makers will probably be looking to add that missing piece of equipment that they didn’t know would make their life easier. For some this is a multi function flash, for others it’s a reflector and for another it is an iPad or Android tablet. The spirit of the holiday season is about giving, and there is nothing to compare in the delight of seeing someone receiving that little gift that makes their life easier.

I know what I am excited about and I have dropped enough hints! How about you? What is on your wish list this Christmas?

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