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G is for Green, Gold and Glitter

Posted by on November 17, 2012


In winter everything gets gray and dark. Most trees will have shed their leaves and grass will be gone (or covered under a layer of snow or ice). One of the few groups of trees that still show some live and colour are evergreens. Most people will recognise these as the Christmas tree. I love the way the green trees smell in your house during these winter days. Just reminds you of spring and better times to come.


Next to Frankincense, Gold was the other product given to Jesus on his birth day. Back in those days gold was seen as a source of rich dom. Over all the centuries gold has never lost its attractiveness. In the old days people showed off with elaborate gold decorations in their house or through jewellery. In modern day people show off their “bling” through gold decorated items like cars and iPhones. Some even have golden teeth. Although that will not be pure gold as that is too weak to sustain any pressure used for chewing.

Small quantities of gold have also been used for eating. Gold flakes were popular in medieva times to show off someone’s wealth. Not too many years ago a popular spirits manufacturer made a product called Gold Strike – a liqueur with gold snippets.

Marmite this year made a special limited edition of Marmite with Gold flakes! Marmite is a by product from beer production. The yeast that is left over after production is concentrated and bottled. The Brits either love or hate their Marmite and the brand sees regular special editions like a special jar for the Queens Jubilee, a special Guinness version and an extra strength version.

Three Amazing Marmite Jars – Extra Old, Jubilee and Gold




To create as much light and brightness as possible, glitter is spread over pretty much anything Christmassy especially on cards. Making your own cards is great fun and you can easily get hold of different colours of glitter in most DIY and Hobby stores. It is great fun to play with the glitter, but the downside is, it seems to be able to end up pretty much everywhere!

You might think that glitters are something modern and new. But as early as 30,000 year ago, flake minerals was used to give caves paintings a glittering appearance and by that time the Ancient Egyptians made glittery make up by using beetle shells! Nowadays most glitters are made of plastics, with the advantage that they can come in any shape, size and colour. You can let your imagination run wild in creating your own decorations or cards. Just make sure you have an easy to clean surface to work on so you don’t find the glitter for many weeks to come.

All these three make your winter days a less dark and gloomy event. Have a sparkly festive season!

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