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Q is for Quaint

Posted by on December 9, 2012

How can you realistically write an article about the letter Q in relation to Christmas?

Let’s have some facts first. Q, the 17th letter in the English alphabet, is the second most rarely used letter, with a frequency of just 0.09% in words. It is more frequent than Z, however. So that does not really help.

Let’s see what Q stands for. As abbreviation it stands for quarter (finance), question and queen (card games). Now with card games I can do something, which I rather choose than boring you with finances.

Many Christmasses we have spent as a family playing card games. Some were the more known ones like hearts, but others were once we defined ourselves. One of them was closely related to yahtzee. It seemed an easy and straightforward game, but I always ended up with a lot of rubbish cards in my hand, no option to make a combination and mostly my dad would beat me in winning the round. Hence putting me bottom of the list with enormous amount of points. It was supposed to be fun, they said, but I did end up rather grumpy a lot of the times 🙂

Which brings me onto quaint. Quaint means unusual or old fashioned, which is probably still the way I like to spend Christmas. Spending time with family, having great food and listen to some great music. Just relax and not in a hurry to go anywhere. Although the run up to Christmas can be stressful, especially the grocery shopping, once it is Christmas, calm descends. After all, everything is closed and everyone is indoors, so it is nice and calm and relaxed for about 2 days.

After those 2 days people want to get out of their houses and shopping centres seem like little ant nests. Queue’s everywhere, loud music on the go and many a time screaming children in the background as they are too overwhelmed by the noise and crowd. It’s always a bit of choosing between two bad situations. One is stay at home and fight boredom, but enjoy peace and quiet. Or go out and feel super stressed but have fun in bargain hunting. This year it is probably going to be a combination of the two, with a bit of staying at home and a bit of very early (!) shopping.

I keep it nice and short this time. Only 9 more letters to go!

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