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V is for Vacation

Matrioshka Russian Dolls
Posted by on December 27, 2012

Golden Domes of Russian Orthodox ChurchThe end of the year is a time when most people will take a vacation (or holiday). Often these days are linked with family gatherings, but some people might want to escape the home and go for places further away. With the beginning of the new year comes a time to plan the holidays for the coming year. When to go and where to go is in most households a common debate.

My list of holiday destinations seem to grow by the year as new ideas spring to mind. There are so many fascinating places to visit, it is difficult to decide what to do in any given year. One priority will always be exploring new places in the homeland, with a longer holiday dedicated to travels abroad. With the power of the internet, there is now the opportunity to explore places to visit before booking trips. This means that any holiday becomes better planned and organised. However the best holiday remains those that have large elements of surprise in them. Nothing better, than going to an unknown city, take a map and a backpack and just start walking around. Where possible through back alleys, away from the touristy places. You always find there a more true version of the country you are visiting.

With holidays of course comes the issue of photography. Thanks to the digital cameras  you no longer have to carry with you large numbers of film. But the downside is that you take far more pictures than in the past, which means sorting them when you come back home!

Over the years I have found some easy ways to organise my photos whilst on holiday without the need of a computer.

Date record

The first photo I take is always a note which has my name and address on it. Just in case I lose my camera, someone can contact me to return it. Never happened yet, but you never know.

The next thing I do is at the start of every day have a note that states the date, where I am (city and country) and if needed what the plans Matrioshka Dolls Russiafor the day are, i.e. important places to visit. That helps sorting your images when you get home and tagging them properly.


Holidays are the only time when I actually keep a day to day diary. Every evening I sit down for about half an hour and write down the adventures of the day. What have I visited, comments and quotes that reflect the spirit of the day, and anything else needed for future photo development. At the end of the day’s thoughts I put in the details of the photo range so I have a second reference available.

Memory Cards

Like in the days of film I try to estimate the number of images I will take during a holiday. As memory cards are so much easier to carry than the old films, it makes it easier to carry a few with you. Depending on where I will be, I normally plan between 100 and 250 images for a day, with fewer on a travel or rest day. I do not shift through my images whilst I am on holiday so do not remove any images taken or download them. Therefore sufficient memory cards are needed!

Organising photos after holiday

This is the toughest thing to do after a holiday but at the same time the most enjoyable. Working through all your images can be very time consuming but I have found one program that is of great help. Adobe Lightroom has been my time saver for organising my photos and at the same time provide the opportunity for editing and copyrighting. Lightroom itself is a very easy tool and I will come back to it in one of my future blogs.

The principle is as followed, you copy all your images from your card onto your computer. You than load all your import your images into Lightroom. It still keeps all your originals on your computer, it is basically an organising tool. You can than tag all your photos with keywords and even geo-tag them. You are than ready to do some editing (like cropping, removing red-eye etc) before you can export them. At that stage you can add in a tag line for your photos (one for the complete batch) so for example you can add in your name. The images get exported back to your computer, if you want in a different folder.

And that’s in a nutshell how Lightroom works. I have not found yet another easier and more user-friendly program that does all that in a couple of easy clicks. I would love to hear of your experience of Lightroom or of any other programs you might think can do the job.

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    Hello what’s the difference between holiday and vacation? maybe holiday is used in UK and vacation in US?

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