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Tagged With: Netherlands

Y is Year

Welcome to the New Year! That it may be a wonderful, photogenic and awesome new year. The weather was so dreadful last night that I did not have the chance to take any firework pictures. Although it is a bit late for any firework image tips, here are some. Just in case you have some … Continue reading »

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T is for Tulips

Tulips might not be the first flower that comes to mind when thinking about Christmas, but many bouquets will contain these famous Dutch flowers. Most commonly they will be red or white, but there are many other varieties and colours available. It is a bit rare to get tulips in the winter as they normally … Continue reading »

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J is for Jingle Bells and Juniper

Jingle bells or sleigh bells, were often found in large numbers on the harnesses of horse carriages during the winter season. City life before cars required something you could hear from afar, which the jingling noise the bells make as the horses move would make up for hooves being muffled by the snow. This helps … Continue reading »

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B is for Bauble

Christmas would not be complete without its ornaments, whether to decorate just the tree or the rest of the house, outside and inside. For Christmas there are really no limits and it’s down to personal choice and taste. Although many people will go for the traditional baubles, these days you can find all kinds of … Continue reading »

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Christmas Traditions Across the Globe

Time is passing quickly, it is now only 44 days left until Christmas. You might think that Christmas is celebrated in the same way across the world. But as a Dutch girl living in the United Kingdom I have some first hand experience in how different countries celebrate this end of year festival. For most … Continue reading »

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