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W is for Weather

The saying goes that nobody talks as much about the weather as the Brits. Having lived here for several years now I can understand why. The weather here is probably the most unpredictable I have even experienced. In one day you can go through all seasons without physically changing location. Most countries will have a … Continue reading »

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S is for Snow

The best Christmas for me is waking up early in the morning, opening the curtains and see everything covered in a layer of snow. Not that I am such a snow fan, but it just adds that little bit of magic to the day. It also means you appreciate a warm house and good food … Continue reading »

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O is for Outside

What I love about a proper winters day is the cold crisp weather. Nothing feels better than going out for a walk, enjoy the sun and coldness followed of course by returning to a warm home. Especially after sitting indoors and eating a lot over the Christmas days it is a great way to feel … Continue reading »

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J is for Jingle Bells and Juniper

Jingle bells or sleigh bells, were often found in large numbers on the harnesses of horse carriages during the winter season. City life before cars required something you could hear from afar, which the jingling noise the bells make as the horses move would make up for hooves being muffled by the snow. This helps … Continue reading »

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